Ready to take your pizza
experience to the next level?
Let us lead the way to complete pizza satisfaction!


Happy Ending Pizza Parlour puts a spin on the traditional pizza with our bold and adventurous offerings. Our unique flavours made with our artisanal handcrafted dough and premium ingredients are so wickedly delicious it leaves you wanting for more.

If that's not enough, our saucy happy dips for your pizza crust - a newfangled way of enjoying pizza - go all the way in ensuring your complete surrender. The ultimate gastronomic indulgence, with a guaranteed happy ending.

Happy Ending Pizza Parlour is here to bring back the passion and spark in your pizza dining experience. Whether you’re raving it up with friends, cosying up with your loved ones, or simply going solo - we’ll deliver fresh pizza goodness right to your doorstep.

Our artisanal pizza is handcrafted with love and baked to perfection. Our hand-stretched dough is made fresh daily and available only in limited quantities to ensure it’s as extraordinary as the passion that inspired it.